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Friday Competitive Play

Friday Competitive Play

For Grades 3-6

For Grades 3-6

Shoot 360’s Competitive Play class is where players at all skill levels can enjoy traditional pick-up basketball on our regulation-sized courts. Our coaching staff is trained to help pick-up games flow and be competitive based on the players that participate. While the coaches are present to ensure safety and competitive play, it will be done without structure – allowing players to be creative and enjoy basketball in its purest form. Have fun, enhance your game and try new things.

Members: Sign-up on the Shoot 360 Mobile App Under My Schedule -> Scheduling Class.
Active Young Ballers: Text 844.799.0160 for registration details.

Grades 3-6 (Co-Ed)

Every Friday from 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Members and Active Young Ballers Only
Max participants: 35
Cost: Free
Friday Competitive Play Grades 3-6

What you can expect

Free play
3×3 and small-sided games
Five-on-five competition
Other basketball-related games
Friday Competitive Play Grades 3-6

Please text 844.799.0160 or email with any questions.

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