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Khristian Tisdale

Khristian Tisdale

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Coach Khristian T
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Imperial, PA

Why did you get into basketball?

Basketball has been a family endeavor. I have been in and around the game since I was 5, and it is a passion I have been blessed to enjoy. No sport, in my experience, teaches life lessons the way the game of basketball does.

What is your area of focus as a coach?

Personal and team development. I focus on life lessons that are taught through the game of basketball. Lessons like how to compete and how to be a great teammate, are among my main focus areas.

What’s your coaching style?

Energetic and demanding but also fair and fun.

Notable moments from your coaching career?

I have too many to mention! However, I believe that outside of being called Dad or Husband, being called a Coach is the greatest blessing. I have been blessed to watch players that I have coached develop into complete players and people. Being the best version of themselves on and off the court!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

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